do you always make a mess with potting soil?


Potting Bench

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Designed especially for compatibility with the Palace Chicken Coop Plans!

Your chicken coop plans are already amazing, it’s true. But how much MORE amazing would it be with a potting bench added to one of the outside walls?!

This bench was designed especially for compatibility with these chicken coop plans. The top is standard counter height, while the two shelves underneath are completely customizable for the height that works for you. The shelf on the left is on heavy duty slides, so you can easily store your potting soil on it and access it easily. Then when you’re done with your project, slide the shelf back in, and sweep any soil overflow back into the bin through the cutout in the top of the bench.

Or use it for filling chicken feed, or a million other useful ways to use this add-on potting table.

Plans come with full cut diagrams, well-illustrated step-by-step instructions, materials list, cost estimation spreadsheet, dimensional drawings, and even the original SketchUp file.

potting bench plans

Full Scale 3D Drawings

potting bench build instructions

Detailed Step-By-Step instructions

potting table cut diagram

includes helpful tips