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My laptop computer cord has stopped making a good connection, which means that I have to take it in to the shop and let them fix it. It’s bad timing, because I’ll drop the computer off on Tuesday, and then I’m working up in Duvall, so won’t be around any alternate internet access from Thursday evening through Wednesday morning. I’ll have time to post tomorrow’s Self Portrait Challenge, but the following week’s challenge might be delayed, and chances are I won’t be posting updates during that time, unless I use The Girls’ laptop over the weekend.

I haven’t gone without access to the laptop for a full week since I got it almost two years ago. I think the only exception is the week of the Wolf Tracking trip this summer. I didn’t realize how much I use it until I started thinking about how I’m going to manage without it this week. It’s largely my connection to the outside world, living here in the sticks. And I use it to record dreams, and to work on my book, and to manage recipes and shopping lists, and to manage my multidude of pictures. And, and, and…

But I’ll be fine without it for a week. I’m sure of it. I’ll just drink coffee instead or something.